Hiring a lawyer can be a nerve wracking process. For some, it feels as though it’s the last call for help in a bad situation, and that’s a wake-up call to how tough certain situations can be. At Westphal Law Group, we love being able to help our clients get out of the tough situations that they’re in, that’s where our passion lies and that’s how we find our drive each day. Unfortunately, not everyone that needs help is fully aware of just how beneficial having a personal injury lawyer on their side can be. Here are just a couple of reasons that you should call us and schedule a time where we can meet to review your case.


One of the main things that you can benefit, even if you don’t wind up working with a legal team is a consultation. Being able to assess your case and get a good feel for what the outcome and reality of the case look like from the point of view of a legal professional. There are plenty of times where people feel like they have a secure case and are sure that they’ll win it if it’s taken to court, but it isn’t always that easy. Having one of our lawyers look over your evidence, support and listen to how the event played out, you can get a strong opinion and incredible advice from someone that’s worked plenty of cases. From that consultation, you can get a better idea of where you stand with the need for legal support. If the consultation goes great and the lawyer agrees that it’s a pretty cut and dry case, we won’t hide that. However, if your case could use some support from someone that has the experience, we’ll provide you with examples and reasoning behind why our team would be a great asset.

Reduce Your Stress

Personal injury cases aren’t easy ones to take on. They’re already a pain very literally, but when you have to factor in time off work, workers compensation, medical bills, and then on top of it all, who’s responsible, the stress can build up and make the entire scenario so much worse. Rather than figure out how you’re going to prepare for your case or try and determine who is paying for what, you can have a member of our team take the time to provide you with incredible support so that you can feel confident walking into court, but also so that have time to focus on the things that really matter: getting better. We’ll do all of the dirty work for your court case, and do our absolute best to ensure that you have the support you need. That way, you can feel supported and certain of the choices being made and the direction that the court is headed in, through and through.


When an accident happens, it feels like you know that you deserve some sort of compensation. Most of the time that people get injured while on the job, they immediately assume that it’s going to be accepted as worker’s compensation, but there are so many different factors that get considered that most people are unaware of, and very rarely do these scenarios work out as they’re intended to. When you work with a personal lawyer, you’ll immediately gain the access to our knowledge and experience so that you have the accurate idea of what to expect with your case and the circumstances. Confidence is never a bad thing to have a case, but it is something that our support could benefit. Aside from that, our knowledge is exactly what you need to know that you’re making the right decision with every step that you take, which will, in turn, allow for you to feel more confident throughout the process.

If you’re open to getting all of the help that you can, investing in a personal lawyer is something that you won’t regret doing. We put the needs of our client’s first at all times and then provide you with guidance so that you know what steps to be making and feel confident in doing so.There are plenty of other reasons that working with a personal injury lawyer is beneficial, and you’ll see the value the moment that you step into that initial consultation.

Westphal Law Group has the team of personal injury lawyers that can help you through your personal injury case. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with our team, reach out to our office and allow us to find a time that works. In doing so we can get a better understanding of what your case entails, what types of evidence and support we’ll need to gather and then we can work on building a strong case. Don’t waste any time, reach out to us today!